On the E Side of LA is where I used to lay
South Park? That's where I used to hang out and play
I endured many eerie nights and most days were not so bright
I'mma native of The Backstreets; the domicile of some of the shadiest brothas you would eva meet
Whaddup, potna? Who's you?
I'm the one in the low 64 Cut. Locs on and the system's up
I'm on top of the roof so you can't see me
but with my 20/20 view, best believe I can see you
Call me the White Horseman or Dr. Greenthumb
I'm the Don with the magic wand
I'm that N I double G A in the alley
AKA the Candy Man. The OG's call me, The Pusha Man

I could have been a crook
I was a witness to the dope being bought, cut and cooked
I could have been the one on the corner saying to my crew
"Everybody on point, here we go! Dealing to strangers, hoping they're not 5 0"
It could have been me with the sleepless nights posted at the front door with my arsenal
guarding la famiglia by the street lights
I'm sleep deprived so you believe I'm slippin' right?
But nigga
how you figga
you can move quicka
than I can pull this automatic trigga
So bust-a-move and try to dash with my cash. GOOD LUCK!
Oh, I never miss, so you're just fucked up

I could have made Scarface look like an ABC movie
"The World Is Mine" and it would have been all about me
But see, I'm a survive. My soul was kept alive
Despite all the negative influence, Dr. King isn't the only one with a dream

So, I decided to stay in school and Do The Right Thing
This is my 3rd chance at a Higher Learning and this time I'm in it to win it
You see, I refuse to be just another stat

Another death in the ghetto yesterday
Male, early teens and black

And that would be in small print buried way in the back

I HAVE A DREAM to one day stand up and be heard with all eyes on me
I HAVE A DREAM that one day each and every one of you will...
whatever it is that you dream to be