I'm Hungry, y'all
I know it don't look like I've ever missed a meal, but my soul is starving
I'm on the brink of death by starvation. When I turn on the radio station
I don't hear anything good for me
Where's the poetry?

I'm weak
My body can't take too much more of this piss the radio is force feeding me
Shoving down my throat and intravenously
It's like prison food; cruel and inedible
Inevitably, I'm gonna end up in the hospital. Just one beat away from flatline

"Doctor, Doctor. What's wrong with my baby?"
"Well, ma'am. We ran all of the tests. And we were very thorough...
"Doctor, please! Tell me, what's the diagnosis?"
"The radio"

I want to tune in to hear how Rudy Francisco fell face first in love
I want to go Beyond The Stage with Eryk Moore
When I turn on the radio, I want a choice between quiet storm and my man, Quiet Pen
I want to hear EMichele Paul tell our sisters, Yes, Girl, Even You
Ladies, you are beautiful on the inside, too
That's more important than your outer shell fuck what the media tells you
My soul is starving

I don't care that you can make it rain, man
I don't want to hear about the thickness of your chain
And I could care less what gang you claim
I do not want to hear another sister called a bitch
That shit makes me sick to my stomach
Like diarrhea, it runs right thru me
No substance to sustain my attention span and it is killin' me
Where's the poetry, people?

And that damn, auto tune
Yo, G! Why do you allow me to hear chipmunks on the radio?
What did I ever do to you?
Is this payback for something I did as a kid?
Whatever it is, I'm sorry
It's like being on a bad vacation
I'd rather listen to the white noise between the stations

Don't be surprised if you see me on late night TV
Big eyes, flies buzzing 'round my face
No shirt, bare feet, just skin and bones...no meat

"Hello. I want you to meet, Little Timmy
We found him roaming aimlessly
Once, the life of the party and now...look at him
Doctors say his health is deteriorating at an alarming rate
Please. Help Little Timmy and other children like him to receive the proper nutrients -
a basic, balanced meal that everyone needs"

Little Timmy would like to speak
"Hello. Please help
It's doesn't cost a lot. Only, some damn

© 2013